Car Accessories Every Car Owner Should Own

You might have, at least once, if not all the time, lost your car in the parking lot, run out of battery on your phone with no way to charge it in your car, or felt the need for a car cigarette lighter when wanting to smoke. Car accessories go a long way in making your driving experience more convenient and help you out in several ways. In this blog, we will mention some car accessories every car owner should own.

Car Mount for Your Phone

For people constantly wanting to keep track of their phone and whatever keeps on lighting its screen up, a car mount is a perfect car accessory. With a car mount, your phone will be glued to a single place – we recommend getting a magnetic mount. You can quickly swipe through notifications or call someone back or send an automated text message without too much hand involvement. It makes it much safer, too.

Key Finder

This one is an absolute must.

Key finders come in hand when you are running late, and finding your key hasn't been any more impossible. With an accompanying app on your smartphone, you can signal for the key tracker to light up or make an alarm – whatever your key finder has been functioned to do - and you can easily find them. Key trackers or finders with loud alarms work best when your keys are buried either in a pile of laundry or somewhere you wouldn't be otherwise able to look. These trackers come for cars, too, and you can be filled in on the location of your car via GPS on your smartphone application.

Car Garbage Can

Really convenient when you think about it. A car garbage can - made to fit cars, of course, so you wouldn't need to worry about how unseemly the inside of your car looks - save you from all those nasty spills and smells when drinking or eating inside your car. This comes in handy when you have multiple passengers and when you won't need to wait for the nearest trash or garbage can to dispose of your waste.

Get a car garbage can!

Car Storage Divider

No one can divide their groceries or organize them one on top of the other so that they do not fall. No one is that good. You need a car storage divider. We recommend getting a mesh one with three to four compartments and a few sub-compartments that can help you organize your groceries and other smaller items easily. This also helps keep the items themselves safe. Car storage dividers are not that popular but super convenient, as you might have guessed by now.

Air Freshener

Air Fresheners are a must for every car. From the stingy smell of socks to a spill gone bad (which we recommend dealing with immediately, by the way), car fresheners can make a difference between a car ride gone smoothly and one with you constantly having to cover your mouth or let outside air in - this is sure to keep your AC off, something you do not want.

Car air fresheners come in all shapes and sizes. Choose as per your requirements.

Have an accessory not mentioned on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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