Car Maintenance Tips for Summers

Since summers are all about adventure and fun, your car needs to be ready for summer road trips. However, high temperatures, dust and dirt, and incessant rain can cause your car to take a great amount of burn, causing the car's major systems to take the toll.

Keeping your car maintained during these warm months is key to getting the most out of them. In this blog, we let you in some tips that will benefit your car not only in the summers but throughout the year.

Let's get started.

Tip One – Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter changes are important, especially if the last time you had them both changed was quite a while ago. Intense weather, be it hot or wet, can demand a lot more from your car. Hence, it is a smart move to keep your engine parts well-oiled and keep harmful dust, dirt, and debris away from the filters. This is how the equation goes: clean filter equals cleaner oil, and cleaner oil equals a happier and healthier engine.

Tip Two – Monitoring Tire Pressure

Your tires run the whole show, and you know it. They support the weight of your car and of everything, your tires require regular check-ups and tune-ups. Given how hot or cold it can be outside, tires tend to lose their pressure. In the warmer months, the tires are likely to witness reduced size more than in the winter months. You can easily detect whether a tire has lost pressure when you are in the driver’s seat, and the windshield appears a bit tilted. When you get out to inspect, you can verify this by kicking the tire towards the tilt is is facing. It will feel soft under your foot.

Make sure you check up on your tires' pressure every time you take your car out.

Tip Three – Battery Problems Need to be Resolved

Heat in summers can quicken the loss of fluids. This causes the oxidation of several components of your battery. A lack of vigilance can lead you stranded one day in the middle of nowhere. Battery failure is primarily caused by heat. It begins with life reduction, when you ignore the little things, causing your battery to eventually fail.

Make sure you do not overwork your car during summers; always park it under a cool shade, or put a tarp across to keep the heat off.

Tip Four – Well-Maintained Breaks Make for A Healthy Car

Car brakes ensure your safety on the road. It is a stop-and-go mechanism thsat helps you be careful with where your car is heading. Bad breaks usually make strange noises or make you push the pedal even harder. This should be a clear indicator that you need to get your brakes tuned up because well-maintained breaks make for a great car.

Tip Five – Safe Driving, of Course!

If you are a good driver, you will not land in half of the car troubles people usually find themselves in. Not crossing the speed limit, staying in your lane, driving safely when surrounded by or with another car close by all go a long way in keeping your car summer-ready. Make sure to abide by traffic rules and do not, in any way, speed your car or drive as if you are on a race-track.

Those were our five car maintenance tips for summers. For more similar content, check out some of our other blogs on Boktor Motors.

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