Don't Do These 5 Things If You Want Your Car To Keep Its Value

Cars, even the brand-new ones, begin their depreciation spiral from the moment you buy them and take them home. Many car owners believe in rolling cars out; they keep a car for a year or two, then resort to selling it after having driven it to their heart's content. How else can they buy and enjoy newer models? If you are indeed this kind of car owner, don't do these 5 things if you want your car to keep its value.

Parking Wherever There is Space

The first thing that can minimize the resale value of your car are easy-to-spot scratches, bumps, and fading paint (resulting from scratches and bumps). The smallest of these usually come from an accidental scratch while your car is parked and another is trying to get out. So, don't just park wherever there is space; think two steps ahead. Make sure you park away from the other cars and run a mental simulation of how the other cars will get out of the parking space and whether there is a possibility of them hitting yours.

Driving A Bit Less

That sounds absurd, and we know it. But you will resell your car in the future anyway, right. Driving your car less will keep the mileage low and your value intact. Opt for rentals instead if you want to go to an event or somewhere remote. Rentals come with packages that cost you less than $40 for an entire weekend. That is less than what it would have cost you had you brought in your own car - the chance of damage, fuel, etc. Keep your car for when you need it the most and for the least possible mileage; for daily use that does not involve maneuvering it around more than usual.

Not Keeping A Spare Set of Wheels

Your tires will wear out eventually, and since you will resell the car in the future, buying a spare set of wheels at the time of the car's purchase will save you from the hassle of buying them right at the time of selling. You can easily switch the wheels when the time comes, making it possible for you to resell your car quickly and for the perfect amount.

Don't Car Wash – Wash Your Cash

Visiting a fancy car wash will do your car more harm than good. The mechanism and machinery with which car washes wash your car, weaken windshields and make your doors and bumpers more accident and scratch-prone. Tumbling and twirling scrubbers will end up marring your car's finish even when you come out of the car wash with a too-clean car. If you want your car to keep its resale value, don't car wash and wash your car yourself.

Not Fixing Scratches and Dents ASAP

As soon as a scratch or dent ends up on your car, you need to immediately take care of it. If you leave it, resolving to fix it later, the damage will get only worse. One dent can lead to two or three more if you are not careful, causing your car's resale value to diminish.

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