5 Advantages of Automatic Transmission Cars

It is a little-known fact that ever since the 1950s, automatic cars have been around in America. However, they were not as popular as they are now both in America itself and other countries around the world.

However, American's love for these automatic vehicles was not love at first sight, but rather convenience as these vehicles have proven to be quite easy to drive and efficient in performance.

We will go over 5 advantages of automatic transmission cars in this microblog. If you are thinking of buying one, this blog will help.

Advantage 1: Convenience

The most obvious and the most sought-after advantage of owning an automatic transmission car is the convenience it provides. Driving this kind of car is super easy. A number of countries, like the UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Austria have drivers' tests taken on manual vehicles instead of automatic. Because once a learner has mastered the manual transmission car, the automatic becomes even easier. And because these cars are so easy to drive, the drivers of these automatic transmission cars often find themselves in the midst of roadside controversy - but that is not relevant to this blog post.

Advantage 2: Strength

Automatic transmission cars are comparatively more powerful than their manual counterparts. These cars use a planetary gear system that features a sun gear and a ring gear. These are part of a larger system built into every automatic transmission car, helping in augmenting the surface area contact between gears. The torque load is spread because of this over on a greater area and, resultingly, there is a reduction in breaks.

Advantage 3: Speed

When we talk about speed and acceleration, automatic transmission cars shift faster than manual ones. Their shifting is more precise, too. It is only a matter of nanometers, when trying to change clutches and so on. This not only gives quick access to speed, it also increases the efficiency of the car, helping you get to point a from point b a lot faster and with a lot less effort than a car that has manual transmission.

Any automatic that is performance-calibrated can shift quicker than most drivers' eyes.

Advantage 4: Torque Multiplication

Torque multiplication is something that is obtained via fluid coupling. They are also referred to as torque converters that transfer power by the help of engine-powered turbine blades which push fluid across into the system, powering the car. It is because of these transmission mechanics that automatic cars are preferred over manual ones for both drag racing and normal, everyday use.

Advantage 5: Safety

Finally, on to our last advantage with automatic cars; safety. Since they require a lot less work, automatic cars can be easily maneuvered out of bad situations and controlled a lot more quickly than their manual counterparts, which is why they are also safe to drive.

We bet you want to keep your automatic now, don't you? Or, if you wanted to buy one, surely you will go ahead and buy it. Happy purchasing!

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