5 Driving Tips for Beginners

We all take our driver's test at sixteen. Learning to drive at this early an age is very important as it aids for years to come. However, not every driver is a good driver and one must invest years, if not months, to get good at it. Driving is no walk in the park. It is also no drive around one either.

Whether you have the same reasons as Olivia Rodrigo for getting your driver's license, or you just want to be able to get to place from place, the 5 driving tips for beginners are worth looking into.

Feel Safe, Drive Good

It is all too natural to be succumbed by nervous when driving for the first few days. Believe it or not, the nervousness is actually good for you. Why? Because driving is a serious skill with a number of hazards and accidents associated with it. The nervousness helps you understand how big a responsibility driving is. What is also does is help you feel safe after you have let it settle down for a while. When you feel safe and comfortable when you are in the driver’s seat, you will automatically drive good, ensuring others around you feel the same.

Lend Other Drivers No Ear Nor Eye

Sometimes, other drivers, if they are able to smell blood in the water, will try to tease and taunt you knowing you are a first-time driver. Flashing lights, unnecessary car horn-ing, they will want to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible. Lend them no ear nor eye. Even if someone is genuinely trying horn their way ahead of you because you are driving slowly (which you obviously will be since you are a beginner), don't panic. Figure out what exactly the issue is and calmly proceed toward the solution.

Don't Forget the First Few Days

Over time, beginners become confident with their driving skills and begin to drive rather unsafely, speeding up, not checking all their mirrors frequently enough, et cetera. This confidence is in no way good. While it will help you get your car up and running faster, you just might end up hitting another car or getting yourself a ticket because of how reckless you might become with said confidence. So, do not forget the first few days where you barely sped up past 20.

Drive Distraction-Free

Distractions during driving come in many forms. It can be your phone, or people outside, shops, stores – the possibilities are limitless. You can handle your phone easily; either switch it off or put it on a driving mode newer phones today come with. As for outside-the-car distractions, you will have to stay focused on the road ahead and your mirrors.

Don't Let Tailgating Intimidate You

Sometimes, other drivers will want to tailgate ahead of you because they are either in a hurry, it is an emergency, or they just want to let off some steam by surpassing a slow driver on the road. Do not let it bait you to speed up yourself.

That was it for our 5 driving tips for beginners. Have an experience in particular you want to share? Have your say in the comments below.

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