5 Things That Can Damage Car Paint - What You Must Know

There’s something truly mesmerizing about the shine on a new car’s paint. Now, as great as it looks then, the paint can start to wear off quicker than you hoped if you don’t take enough care of it. So, one of the best ways to care for your paint is to know what can damage it. Some of these can be problems as simple and common as bird droppings. Well, this article highlights five things that can damage car paint so that you can make the original paint job last for years.

Bird Droppings

As frustrating as it can be to remove bird droppings from your car every morning, it’s crucial that you do so. Bird droppings are highly acidic, and they can leave a mark on your paint if you don’t remove the excrement for a few days. It’s best to remove bird droppings when they are wet. If there’s dried dropping on your car, use a damp microfiber to remove it. Make sure

not to wipe your car in circles because that will create swirl marks on the paint. Instead, always clean your car in straight strokes.

Tree Sap

If you park under a tree, there’s a risk of tree sap falling onto your car. The sticky substance can cause discoloration on your paint and even stain it. Also, it’s particularly challenging to remove hardened tree sap.

Old and Dirty Rags and Towels

It’s always recommended that you clean your car with a clean microfiber cloth (this is also true for the interior). Using a dirty and old rag can ruin your paint because often tiny dirt and dust particles are stuck to them, which, in turn, could scratch the paint. So, don’t reuse a microfiber cloth after removing a lot of dirt or dust.

Brake Fluid

If you’re changing your brake fluid, make sure not to let any of it get onto your car’s chassis. Brake fluid can act as paint thinner, which could erode it and cause it to peel. Some brake fluid manufacturers ensure that their product doesn’t have such effects, but it’s best not to chance it with your car.


It’s best to follow the same level of precaution when you’re filling gas in your car. Gasoline can stain your paint and be difficult to remove. However, if some does spill on your vehicle, wash your car with appropriate car shampoo and water. It’s not a good idea to use dish soap on your car because that can damage your paint in the long term.

Last Few Words

While these are the five most common things that can damage car paint, there are other elements that you shouldn’t leave on your vehicle for long. Soda, coffee, ash, and dust are other things that could harm the paint. So, it’s best to keep your car as clean as possible by wiping it down at least once every day.

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