5 Tips for Driving Safely

Safety is something all drivers should keep in mind. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and all those around you safe from you. While you are all fit to drive after you've got your license, it does not hurt to check up on a tip or two about driving safely.

In this blog on 5 tips for driving safely, we will have you buckle up (that is tip number one, by the way), keep your eyes and ears open, and have you punch in the ignition.

Buckling Up, Tip Number One

It may sound too first-week-of-driving-lessons, but even the most experienced drivers forget to put their seatbelts on. Most people just put theirs on to avoid being fined, putting them off a while later. Seat belts are essential to being safe, and not only do they keep you from being fined, but they also save your life when in an unseemly accident. Seat belts are lifesavers, and you definitely want to put yours on the entire time you're driving.

No Texting While Driving

This one is perhaps the most broken rule. People, more often than not, when out of reach of local law enforcement or cops will want to check that notification or call back their friend who called them. They will use their phone with a complete disregard for the steering wheel or other drivers around them. Some will at least pull up in a corner and then touch their phone. This is still breaking the law. Make sure you use the "driving mode" or "do not disturb" security feature on your phone while driving so that you don't feel any inclination whatsoever to touch your phone.

Stop Signs Are Not Just for Show

Sometimes, when you are in an emergency or are running late, you will feel the need to not abide by stop signs. If it is a medical emergency, you should always call 911 and wait for an ambulance. Ambulances have their own lanes and can get you to the hospital faster than you can get there yourself. Stop signs are not just for show. In case you have forgotten, red means stop, yellow means wait, and green means go.

Speed Limits Are Meant to be Followed

Speed limits get you more in trouble than anything else. A cop might ask you to pull over via their siren and do an inspection on you. While you will still get a ticket, being pulled over breeds more bad than good. Also, it doesn't look good, now, does it? Being pulled over. People immediately jump to either drunk while driving or some other felony. Would not want that on your conscience, would you? Either way, you do other drivers a favor abiding by the speed limit more than yourself.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions can get really overwhelming while driving. Stop signs, text messages, stores and shops, people, even. More often than not, you will want to sneak a peek or take a look, moving your eyes away from the road. Eyes, when not on the road, even for a second, can lead to disastrous consequences.

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