4 Driving Tips That You Can't Learn In A Driving School

Being able to drive a car gives you a sense of freedom and excitement. Once you know how to drive properly, you can safely make your way to a variety of wonderful places that are accessible by road.

It is not difficult to learn driving. You simply need to know the way to how and when to use the controls. Here are some smart driving tips that you probably won’t be taught in a driving school:

Adjust Mirrors

If your mirrors are not in the right position, you may face some blind spots. A blind spot is a section of the road that is not visible, so you may not be able to spot a vehicle in the neighboring traffic lane.

To eliminate this issue, a smart driving tip is to adjust your side-view mirrors in a way that you can’t see your own vehicle in them. To double check, drive past a parked car in reverse

gear while keeping an eye on your sideview mirror. You should be able to view it in your peripheral vision once it is out of the picture.

Finding the Right Seat Ergonomics

This is a vital aspect that many drivers tend to ignore. People who are new to driving may not know that each car is equipped with an adjustable seat position mechanism. This enables you to change the seat reach and angle.

It is important to position the seat in a way to help you easily access car controls such as pedals, gear level, and the steering wheel. Moreover, make sure the angle of the seat does not strain your back or thighs.

Know the Functions of All Vehicle Buttons

We rarely tend to pay attention to manuals. The only time we pick one up is when a serious problem arises with equipment.

Along with standard features, cars are also equipped with various infotainment and entertainment features. Understanding the proper function of all buttons, especially those present near the right knees, is rather important.

Knowing Wheel Positioning

Have you ever marveled at how experienced drivers avoid potholes on bad roads without compromising on their speed? You don’t have to study physics or probability to do this.

To understand the positioning of car wheels, all you need is the proper control and sufficient experience. This will help you save money that you would otherwise spend replacing shocks. Try practicing this skill in your backyard by attempting to steer past bottles on the ground.

Final Thoughts

Not everything can be taught by a driving instructor. There are certain smart driving tips that you can only master through your own research and experience. Make sure you are always aware of the environment around you while driving. Focus is essential to know what’s ahead and avoid potential dangers.

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