4 Essential Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is the time of the year when most people plan road trips. Nothing beats the joy of a sun-drenched drive along the coast, does it? Well, to enjoy summer drives, it’s critically important that your car is in the best form. You certainly wouldn’t like to get stranded in the middle of the highway and waste several hours of your day waiting for help to arrive.

Now that summers are just around the corner; it’s high time you start prepping your car. This blog is all about helping you with summer car care. We’ve put together some essential car care tips that’ll ensure a smooth drive and zero stress about your car giving up on you midway.

1. Change Car Oil and Oil Filter

Changing the engine oil and oil filter is one of the most important car care tips. It’s your engine oil that keeps the parts of your engine lubricated and running smoothly. The filter captures any harmful dirt, debris, and fragments of metals that may have entered the oil system of your car, which, if not removed, can damage your engine. The oil and the filter both get dirty over time and if you don’t change them regularly, it’ll affect the performance of your car and the longevity of your car’s engine.

2. Check the Fluid Levels

This has to be a prerequisite for preparing your car for the summer road trip. Changes in the weather can affect the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and coolant. If you continue to run your car with low levels of these fluids, it can land you and your car in trouble. Most summer car breakdowns are because of the car overheating, which is due to low fluid levels, so you know how important keeping a check on car fluids is.

3. Check Tire Pressure

Did you know the outdoor temperature can affect the pressure of your car tires? In winters, tires lose about a pound or two of air every month. High temperatures in the summer can have a similar effect on tire pressure. So, you must keep a close check on the tire pressure, especially if you’re planning a long road trip. If you drive when your tire’s pressure is low, the tires will wear out sooner than later – something you certainly wouldn’t want.

4. Test Your Battery

The rate at which the fluid is lost is quite high in summers. Fluid loss results in the oxidation of the components of your battery. And when that happens, you’ll find yourself stranded in the middle of the road without any warning, which is what makes testing the battery before hitting the road in the summer season so important. You may not know, but the most common reason car batteries fail in the summer heat!

While you can’t guarantee that your car won’t give way while you’re on the road (it’s a machine, after all), what you can do is give in your best to make sure your car’s in top shape, with all the essential aspects addressed and well taken care of.

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