6 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Any vehicle that moves forward and backward requires complex machinery to make it run. The engine of a car is located in the front inside the bonnet. This is the driving force of the car. As with any machine engine, problems are rare when it is new, but as time goes by and the engine gets older, it may experience some problems. Unlike changing a car tire which is relatively easy to do once you learn, not all engine problems are simple. They need a professional mechanic to resolve and may not be able to be handled on your own.

Fortunately, before an engine of a vehicle fails, it starts to give warning signs in the form of distinct sounds. These sounds should not be ignored and should immediately be addressed. Not all are serious, but it's worth knowing what each of these sounds means to assess how much time you have to get help.

1. Hissing

If you hear a hissing sound coming from your vehicle's engine, don't ignore it. The car must be taken to the mechanic as early as possible as it is not something that you can resolve on your own. The hissing sound could be coming from leakage of fluid onto the hot engine and producing this sound. It could indicate that the engine is scorching or the vacuum is leaking. It could also be a sound indicating the coolant is leaking. These issues need to be addressed by a professional and hence must not be ignored.

2. Knocking

You may sometimes hear a knocking sound coming from the engine and hear it even more upon speeding. This indicates that the engine is too old, and its parts may have worn out. A knocking sound might also indicate a problem with the ignition, possibly resulting from a damaged spark plug.

3. Squealing

A squealing sound may be heard when you hit the brakes. This may be due to a build-up of dirt in the shoe, pads, or drums of the brakes. This even happens when the brakes have gotten too old and worn out and need to be replaced. This is also a problem that requires immediate attention from a professional.

4. Rumbling

A rumbling sound may be heard when there is a break in the vehicle's muffler. This could be dangerous for passengers sitting in the car as fumes from the leaked fuel can enter the car. If accompanied by shaking, the same noise could indicate a faulty spark plug causing the cylinders to misfire.

5. Popping

This can be a bothersome sound during a car ride, and if it comes from the muffler, it could mean there has been a leak in the fuel injector or the engine exhaust. Regardless of what caused it, a professional mechanic needs to see the car to resolve the problem

6. Grinding

In between shifting gears in a manual car grinding may be heard, and in between automatic transmissions, jerks may be felt. This indicates a worn-out clutch. But a grinding sound may also be heard in the car when a CV joint needs to be replaced or when there is a suspension issue.


It should be remembered that none of the above engine issues should be ignored or neglected. Experienced professionals should arrange an immediate inspection to figure out the cause of the problem so that it can be resolved as soon as possible. If your car is old and the engine is damaged beyond repair, and you're looking to sell, contact Boktor Motors today. We deal in new cars as well help you sell your used cars.

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