Top 5 Automotive Industry Trends and Innovations

Due to the upcoming automotive industry trends, many automobile companies are working towards building more efficient, user-friendly, and automated vehicles in the year 2022. These focus on being more eco-friendly, reducing human errors, and incorporating artificial intelligence solutions wherever possible.

Digital Automobile Sales

Just as you can have food delivered through online apps to your doorstep, you can now order your very own automobile and have it delivered to you at your doorstep. No more going through the hassle of going to showrooms and wasting time looking for all your desired features. All of this can be selected online. Choose your preferred car and all its features and have a test drive booked from the convenience of your home.

Electronic Cars

The benefits of Electronic cars introduced by Tesla have proven that they are well equipped to replace traditional fuel-run cars. Their biggest selling point is the conservation of fuel and its fantastic benefits to the environment. Since they are battery run, they burn no fuel and hence produce no harmful emissions.

They are much quieter than petrol-run vehicles, and so reduce noise pollution. They have lower running costs. Increased resale value and can be conveniently charged at home. Due to these benefits, startups are working toward developing better electrification solutions to make a shift toward electronic vehicles

Autonomous or Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles are a breakthrough in the automotive industry and almost completely eradicate the need for human drivers. It can improve the scope of transportation of goods to their final destination in an efficient and safe manner.

Autonomous cars have excellent AI recognition technology that can detect humans and other obstacles on the road to prevent accidents hence making them safe and secure. Autonomous cars also prevent accidents from occurring due to driver fatigue and drowsy driving. Developed countries have a rising demand for autonomous cars as it reduces the need for human drivers.

Connected Cars

Connected cars make it possible to sync your car up with your phone and laptop to make your life even more convenient. It has the most up-to-date tracking system and shared vehicular data system, which can help maneuver traffic, improve driver safety, predict maintenance and keep government records for tracking and insurance purposes.

Connected cars enable the user to maintain their preferred temperature in the car, order food from the car as well as get massages on the car seat. All of these contribute to providing an exceptional user experience.

3D Printing

3D printing enables the automotive industry by providing rapid prototypes to accelerate the design and testing phase of production. It allows manufacturers to print their desired spare parts, and additive manufacturing of composite materials produces parts that are lightweight, stronger, and have increased durability.

Final Note

While these are only a few trends, many more are constantly being tried and tested to be incorporated into the transport industry to boost the driving experience and solve the depleting fuel crisis and reduce greenhouse emissions while providing an efficient and safe means of transportation. Boktor Motors is updated with the newest and trendiest cars of the season. Check their page to find what you are looking for.

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