What Does The Color of Your Car Say About You?

As human beings, we are very particular about what it is we do and feel. This makes our personalities and who we are as people. For example, the colors we pick for our clothes, accessories, and other belongings have an inadvertent way of expressing our personalities. While several people may not feel the same way, this also applies to cars.

What does the color of your car say about you? Read up on the most common car colors found today and what they may have to say about you as a person.

White and its Immediate Counterparts

Known for their "classiness", white and its immediate opposites (black and grey) are neutral colors. White has grown in popularity ever since the 1990s, providing white car owners of today a modernistic, sleek look.

People with white cars are known to be very detail-oriented. They also have the qualities of being hard workers and owning everything it is that they do. While sophistication is what they aim for, they like being defined and strong in their approach.


Silver is often confused with white. But not in the case of cars; here, white and silver are two different colors. People owning silver cars are known to be modern and into technology. Silver lovers are also known to be energetic and exciting to be around, your go-to people for any technology-related problem. They are forward-thinkers and action-oriented. They focus on the solution more than they do on the problem, which is why they are also adept at solving problems. Go silver!

Brown or Beige

Although they look similar, brown and beige are two different colors. They belong to the same color family, though, and people owning brown or beige colored cars often exhibit similar behavior. These shades are considered to be boring, but on the contrary, people with cars of these colors are often down-to-earth and friendly to be around. They are the grown-ups you often find yourselves enjoying being around. They prioritize getting things done and are highly responsible.


Different shades of blue mean different things. Blue car owners are known to be calm and calculated. However, if you own a lighter-blue car and generally like light blue shades in most of the things you pick for yourself, you might be a good friend, a good listener, and often that person who people go to for free advice. Darker shades of blue indicate confidence and being self-assured.


Red is tricky, and not many people want a car of that color. It is too noticeable, and most people do not want a flashy red car. However, if you do not make the cut of this no-red cult, you must always be motivated to do as you feel, and your energy knows no bounds. Sometimes, you might find yourself restless, even aggressive, but it is all good for you to conquer your problems at the end of the day.

What do you have to say about these colors and what they indicate? Do you agree with our interpretations? Let us know in the comments below.

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